This page provides information for our Caravan owners.
The Park is open all 12 months of the year.
Winter Drain service
To protect against frost damage draining of your caravan is necessery. This service is booked by paying the current charge along with your September invoice. It includes a drain off in November at our conveniance and reconnection with testing on your return - seven days notice required.  Please note that if you have central heating in your caravan this is not part of the winter drain service. It is filled with antifreeze and normally requires no action - however we advise antifreeze levels to be checked at 5 year intervals or if there is a doubt of the antifreeze content. Please contact us if you would like your antifreeze tested/topped up (a small charge will apply) Washing machines & Dishwashers are not part of our winter drain service, you will need to make alternative arrangements to protect these appliances.
Bottled Gas


Express £6
(Delivered next day by 12pm)

Delivery on
Monday or Thursday FREE
(Orders on a delivery day are delivered on the next one)

All gas to be paid for at the time of ordering.
Please place orders at Spring Lea Leisure Centre reception or Book online.
Park Fees
Are invoiced in December

Laundry Facilities
Owners are welcome to use the facilities at Spring Lea Holiday Centre, they are available from March until 1st November. Tokens are on sale in the Leisure Centre.

Static Caravan hook ups provide a maximum supply of 32 Amps. Owners are expected to take care not to overload or 'trip' their supply. Hook ups can safely  be reset by the owner, also check the consumer unit inside your caravan (mostly inside a bedroom wardrobe)

Water and Electricity is metered / charged additionally.
Caravan owners shop
Purchase Bottled Gas and
WiFi vouchers on line
Debit Cards only
(Credit cards not accepted)
Shop terms & conditions
Caravan owners shop
Purchase Bottled Gas and
WiFi vouchers on line
Shop terms & conditions
Caravan Park
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01900 881331
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